Fire & Police Pension Board

Purpose and Composition

The Fire and Police Retirement system, which is managed by the Pension Board, is designed to help members meet financial needs should they become disabled, retire, or die.  The Pension Board’s fiduciary responsibility is to supervise the general administration of the System and invest it’s assets.  Our Board retains professional advisors to assist in fulfilling these duties.

  • 5 Members
  • Members must be City of Trenton Residents
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Term Expires

Mike McCullough - President email
Bruce Jocks - Secretary-Treasurer
Donald Rottenbucher - Trustee
Mike Bedsun - Trustee
Sean McNally - Trustee

Sean Szczepaniak, Alternate

Jill Cooper, Plan Secretary email

Holly Nowak, Recording Secretary email

AndCo Consulting, Investment Consultant

Comerica, Custodial Bank

VanOverbeke, Michaud & Timmony, PC, Legal Counsel