K9 Unit

The Trenton Police Department K9 Unit was established on November 28, 1995, with the department’s first full-service K9 named Kevlar. Kevlar was handled by Officer Rick Tanguay, and together they worked until Kevlar’s retirement in November 2002.

The K9 unit is utilized in calls ranging from tracking suspects, narcotics detection, article searches and building searches, as well as, conducting demonstrations at schools and local events. K-9s are a proven deterrent to criminals, Trenton Police Department’s K9 unit prides itself on the quality of the current K9 officer and his ability to adjust to a multitude of situations.

The K9 and his handler are committed to each other for life due to the training and the deep bond that develops between them. Police dogs begin their training at approx. 1 to 2 years of age. They learn how to adapt to various environments and rapidly changing situations and then must pass a comprehensive physical exam. Our handler and his dog go through numerous hours of training, which requires dedication and physical fitness. A lot of time and effort goes into training dogs and their handlers for the K9 unit, but they are important and a valuable resources for the department.  


Since 1995, the Trenton K9 Units have been involved in over 2,500 cases and have assisted in over 450 arrests.

Current K9 Officer - Delo

Our current K9 Officer is a German Shepherd named Delo, and his handler is Officer Frank Cavazos.  He will be heading into retirement soon.


Newest K9 Officer - Stack

Our newest K9 Officer is a German Shepherd name Stack, after our beloved Mayor Kyle Stack who passed away last year, and his handler is Officer Blake Rusnak.


Previous K9 Officers

Trenton Police K9 Units - Kopper and Truax

Trenton's First K9 Officer

Trenton K9 - Kevlar - November 1995 to November 2002
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