Special Pick-Up

To schedule a special pick-up call 734-675-5496 to leave a message. In an effort to keep the City clean, if we see something out at your curb, we will pick it up and you will be billed (even if you haven’t called for the pickup). Fee are listed below. Click here to access the document with the schedule for special pickups throughout the city.

Regular Special Pick-up Household Trash

Place items too large or heavy to be placed in trash carts on the city easement away from any overhead obstructions such as wires, trees, etc. Call to schedule for the items to be removed. Fees are as follows:

  • $20 per truckload (10-yard dump truck) for regular household items
  • Additional $25 fee for items containing freon. This covers the cost to remove the freon and to have the item inspected.
  • Additional $20 fee for each mattress and each box springs that is picked up.


Any brush too large to place in yard waste carts may be placed on the city easement for pick-up which is done citywide on Thursdays. Call to schedule for the brush to be removed.


  • $20 per truckload (10-yard dump truck)

Loader Stops

Debris such as the following items are not accepted at the Transfer Station and must be collected with a front-end loader will be picked up from the street in front of your home on Thursdays. Call to schedule a pick-up.

  • Bricks
  • Concrete
  • Dirt
  • Sod
  • Loose Leaves (only one that can be delivered to Transfer Station)


  • $50 per cubic yard

Billing For Removal

Bills will be sent in the mail after your items are picked up. These can be paid online by using the link below and searching your address for "Miscellaneous Receivables".

Pay Special Pickup Fees Online